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Chicago Medication Errors Attorney

In today’s hospital and medical environment, medication errors are far too common. Whatever the cause — product mislabeling, inadequate procedures or simple carelessness — system-wide changes are needed to provide a safer environment for people who require pharmaceutical products during a hospital stay or procedure.

At the Lloyd Law Group, Ltd., we have spent more than 30 years working to improve public safety by holding doctors and other medical caregivers accountable for prescription or medication mistakes.

In the course of obtaining full compensation for victims of medication errors, our attorneys have advocated practices that have been adopted by hospitals and other care facilities, including safety protocols and auxiliary warning labels on high-risk drugs.

We have succeeded in improving nursing policies and procedures for medication handling and administration, as well as pharmacy distribution and labeling practices, to decrease errors. Because of our record for effective representation in medical malpractice cases, many of our claims come to us as referrals from other lawyers.

If you have been wronged by a hospital or other medical facility, call 312-640-0204 to speak to an attorney or contact us online. 

Promoting Public Safety Through Medication Error Claims

We handle all types of cases involving prescription drug mistakes, including:

  • Errors by pharmacists in filling or labeling a prescription, from providing the wrong medication to prescribing the wrong dosage
  • Hospital overdoses resulting from any cause, from administering the wrong medication to providing an incorrect amount of medication
  • Errors by nurses or doctors, such as medication mix-up between patients
  • Prescribing or administering a chemotherapy drug that is too toxic or that is inappropriate based on the patient’s diagnosis or condition
  • Failing to obtain a proper workup before prescribing medicines to which a patient is allergic
  • Failing to provide warnings to the patient of side effects or other reactions to a drug
  • Recommending or prescribing drugs with dangerous side effects, such as the Avandia diabetes drug that has resulted in liver failure and other injuries

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