Chicago Nursing Malpractice Lawyers

Chicago Nursing Malpractice Lawyer
Have you suffered unnecessarily because of a mistake by a nurse, whether in the hospital or at a clinic? Did your nurse ignore your complaints or neglect clear signs of medical distress? Did your nurse’s lack of attentiveness aggravate your condition or cause you needless injury?

At the Lloyd Law Group, Ltd., we have protected the rights of medical malpractice victims throughout the Greater Chicago area for more than 25 years. We have six convenient office locations, helping people from Schaumburg to Lake Forest to Naperville.

Our Chicago nursing malpractice attorneys have dedicated themselves to identifying and rooting out unsafe medical professionals. Many of our cases have resulted in improvements to public safety. As a consequence of our strong reputation for effective advocacy, many of our malpractice cases come to us as referrals from other lawyers.

If you feel a nurse has committed malpractice and harmed you or a loved one in any way, call (312) 640-0204 or contact us online. 

Our Hospital and Nursing Errors Practice

We provide comprehensive counsel to individuals who have suffered needless injury because of the carelessness or negligence of a nurse. Nurses work for hospitals — unlike physicians, who are independent contractors. Therefore, when a nurse’s mistake results in an injury or death, the malpractice claim involves elements of both the nurse’s errors and any applicable hospital errors. We handle all types of nursing negligence and hospital negligence claims, including cases involving failure by a nurse to:

  • Call or bring in a doctor in a timely manner
  • Recognize signs or symptoms of serious medical conditions, such as swelling or numbness
  • Communicate patient complaints to a doctor
  • Correctly read and respond to a test or lab result
  • Administer the correct medication or dosage

Nursing errors can occur in virtually any type of hospital situation, including in the emergency room, ambulatory clinics, in labor and delivery suites or during surgery in an operating room.

We will help you pursue full and fair compensation for any loss or injury resulting from the wrongful conduct of a nurse, from lost wages or income to any additional medical expenses you incur, from pain and suffering to loss of companionship or consortium. We also handle wrongful death claims resulting from nursing errors.

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